Scanning & Copying Services

Bring your old photos and slides back to life with our professional scanning services. We can digitally scan any type of print, film or negative, including 35mm, 110, 126 and even mounted slides. We also copy plate glass and 120 medium formats including 645, 6×6, 6×7, 6×9 etc.

In most cases slides and older prints require some correction from the effects of time. Every image we receive is cleaned and scanned at a Hi-resolution. We will check and manually perform: Re-orientation, Cropping, Scratch and dust removal, Colour correction, and other minor damage to ensure the best possible reproduction and quality.

We can provide high quality reprints and full high resolution images in Jpeg format on either a CD,DVD, SD or USB  which can be saved and viewed directly on your computer, laptop or tablet, or simply watch your favourite memories through your TV.

Whether you have many thousands or just a handful of images, we have a scanning option at a price that will suit your budget. Why not give us a call or pop in to our shop today to discuss your requirements.