Everything you need to take photos

Memory Cards  –  Get the most out of your camera with the right memory card. At Wimborne Photo Centre we give you all the expert advice you need to make a smart choice. We stock a comprehensive range of memory cards ranging from SD, and Micro SD for your photo and videos requirements.

Photo Storage & Backups  –  Keep your pictures and precious memory’s safe. We can store and transfer your files using convenient portable USB Flash Drives, ensuring the preservation of your captured images. We also provide mobile phone and tablet back up services.

35mm Film & Single Use Cameras  –  We have the right Kodak film for the right results every time. And if you’re celebrating a moment, big or small, consider giving your guests a Single Use Camera – great for all occasions and handy when you’ve forgotten your own camera.

Batteries & Chargers  –  Don’t miss that special moment because your camera died! Kodak offers you the power behind great pictures. We’re always improving the performance of our batteries so that you can get the most out of your camera. KODAK batteries are the ideal choice for speed, performance, and long life. And our powerful chargers make sure your batteries are ready whenever you are.