Passport & I.D Photos

With strict guidelines for UK and international passports, it’s essential that your photographs conform to current government biometric requirements and specifications. At Wimborne Photo Centre, we offer professional passport and visa photos, these can be printed to meet any size and image requirements.

You can view your images before we print them so you are 100% satisfied with your picture.
If there are any problems we guarantee to take your photo again free of charge.  Six high quality photographs printed whilst you wait and cut to exact size and ready to be used for passports, visas, driving license, identity cards, bus pass, blue badge, rail cards and student I.D etc.

We do biometric passports and visa’s (including baby’s) for a whole variety of countries, including: America, Canada, India, china and more…

Applying for a passport or visa online?… We can also provide biometric digital images ready for upload. These can be simply emailed or saved to a provided memory stick.

UK & EU Passports for Adults & children.
Prints £12.00 – Digital £18.00 – Package Price £20.00

Baby Passports (up to 12 months)
Prints £13.00 – Digital £19.00

Disability / Blue Badge
Prints £8.00 – Digital £12.00

U.S & Indian visa.
Prints £15.00 – Digital £20.00 – Package Price £25.00

Canadian Passport
Prints £18.00

Chinese Visa
Prints £20.00 – Digital £25.00

No appointment needed…
We take I.D pictures Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30am to 4:30pm.
Friday and Saturday times from 10:30am to 3:30pm.
Closed Wednesdays

Here are some tips below to help meet the guidelines for a successful application.

  • Dark clothes give a better contrast against white background (white or light colours may get rejected)
  • Have a plain neutral expression with mouth closed.
  • Have your eyes open and visible, if you wear glasses take them off (if you can)
  • Not have hair covering face or in front of your eyes
  • Not have a head covering (unless it’s for religious or medical reasons)

Should you require any non standard sizes or specialist visa’s, please contact us for further information.