Wimborne Photo Centre specialises in almost every field of photo restoration and photo repair.

As the years pass, photos that were taken to capture a moment in time can become damaged or faded. You could have this type of photograph yourself. It could be a picture from your childhood, or a picture that you got from a parent or grandparent. Having these pictures restored helps to preserve the family record for generations to come.

With today’s digital restoration technology, these pictures can be repaired and brought back to their original condition. We simply scan your photo and work from the digital copy. The original photograph is returned unaltered.

Photo restoration is a bespoke service and we offer a fast and efficient process usually taking up to 48 hours for minor work to approximately 7 to 10 working days for more complex work.

Whatever you require from your photo, we can do it! Why not give us a call or pop in for a simple quote today.

see below at some of our recent work.